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Chi Mommy Co.

Meditation and Energy Healing

Your Self Care Matters! 

We are so excited you stopped by! 

Here at Chi Mommy Co. our goal is to provide spiritual guidance to those who find themselves living a negative based lifestyle! 

We are both web-based and practice-based offering services remotely and in person! 

We are here to give you guidance in starting your journey of mental wellbeing. 

We pride ourselves in offering an array of services to help you become the best version of yourself! 

Explore our site to learn more about what we do here at Chi Mommy Co, and experience the change you need to live a happy and positive life!

For lists of our upcoming classes and pop-up locations, see our Class Tab! 

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About Me

Stop Running on Empty!

My name is Jessica Hanlon, founder of Chi Mommy Co! 

I was inspired to create Chi Mommy Co shortly after having my daughter, Emma! Being a woman and mom especially, you tend to take care of everyone else around you before you take care of yourself and that has to change! That’s why I started Chi Mommy Co., We are here to help you connect deeper with your babies and selves by practicing self love in small ways! 

Stop putting on everyone else’s oxygen mask first, you can become your best self by being your true self! 

Chi Mommy Co is ready to help you, so don’t delay another day, get in touch today!


My Classes

Designed For You

Yoga Pose

Energy Healing Services

- Energy Healing is a service designed to promote Chakra Balance and Raise Your Vibrational Frequency! In this service we dig deep on what energetic blockages and limiting self beliefs are keeping you from manifesting a happy and thriving life! (this therapy can be done remotely or in person)

-This service also includes the use of crystal prescriptions and mantras chosen specifically for your needs!

-This service is perfect for emotional balance and management of daily stress and anxiety!

Guided Meditation Classes

- Guided Meditations are seasonally and astrologically based to help you get clarity and balance on what you are currently struggling with right now! We use planetary alignments and retrogrades to bring forth the power they are giving or taking from you! 

- Guided Meditations also include Sound Baths and Attunements

- Crystal placement, sage cleansing, light stretching, grounding work, mudras and mantra power are included therapies in every class! 

Our classes are available locally in Rhode Island! 

Couple Meditating

Classes are currently being held at Judi T’s Dance Studio on Sandy Bottom Rd in Coventry RI! Our Next Meditation Class is Sunday November 3, 2019 at 11am! This class is FREE to new clients! 


Let’s Connect

Get in touch to learn more about classes, workshops, and making meditation a part of your lifestyle. 


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